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Whether you need complete re-engineering of your Wire Harness Design Process or some product focused training, Virtual Interconnect has the expertise and experience to take your process to the next level.

Wire Harness Design Process

At Virtual Interconnect, we understand the Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP).  We understand why it is difficult to resolve, yet critical to a company’s product development process.  Perhaps wire harness design is the critical bottleneck in your product's development.  Maybe you need to improve your WHDP in terms of cycle time and data accuracy.  Or wire harness design may not be considered your core skill.  Whether you face these issues or others, whether you need complete re-engineering of your Wire Harness Design Process or a product focused training course, we have the expertise and experience to take your process to the next level.

Our Expertise

Having spent over 15 years honing our own Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP) and having worked closely with many blue-chip corporations to improve their WHDP, we can help and support your business through every step of this change management experience; from defining your process imperatives to acquiring the skills to get the most out of your new tool set. By drawing on our years of experience and by using carefully developed business process re-engineering methodologies, the complete WHDP - including schematic generation, 3D cable routing and flat harness to drawing generation - can be addressed and improved.

Find out more about our implementation strategy workshops or our product focused training, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.about your specific requirements.


Our specialist routed systems designers can significantly reduce your risks and                improve your product time to market.

Our Expertise

Our electrical and mechanical engineers are expert in cabling and piping design and focus purely on this specialist area.  Our daily exposure to wire harness design issues and the relevant design tools means a difficult problem for you is a routine task for us.  With a background in harness manufacturing and over 125 years combined engineering experience in diverse market sectors including automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment, Virtual Interconnect personnel are accomplished design engineers with particular expertise in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and dynamic harnessing solutions.

Your Virtual Design Office

Our years of experience have enabled us to carefully hone our way of working.  Our unique systems and processes allow us to work remotely at our design office in the UK, providing a level of service equal to an on site contractor, with none of their associated costs or drawbacks.  In fact, we can be working on your project while you sleep.

Virtual Product Prototyping

Our expertise can be applied to develop a whole product virtual prototype for you.  Using the latest 3D technology, we can virtually build a complete prototype, including all mechanical and electrical components.  This can then be easily checked for any manufacturing or maintenance issues that may arise, without having to go to costly and time consuming manufacture.

Virtual Harness Prototyping

Our carefully developed Wire Harness Design Process also fully exploits the benefits of 3D modelling, enabling the concurrent design of wire harnesses and major mechanical components, reducing time to product and overall project costs.  Published results have demonstrated a saving in design time of up to 70%.  In a full 3D process like ours, the virtual harness prototype is designed to update automatically as the mechanical design evolves, allowing us to work remote from our clients' premises.  The virtual harness also allows you to visualise how the harness will integrate with your product early in the development process, taking it off your project's critical path.  And as the need for a physical prototype is eliminated, iterations can be removed from the design cycle yet you can be certain that the harness will fit first time, further reducing project cost and time.

Our expertise can help solve your problems:

Your Problems Our Solutions
Design starts late in product development cycle Concurrent with mechanical design
Long time to market Reduced time to market
Error prone process Associative process
Manual cut and trim process Highly accurate parametric modelling
Duplicate data entry No data entry repetition
No reuse of knowledge High reuse of knowledge
Long time to change Reduced by average of 74%
Long time to manufacture Manufactured direct from PDS
Repeated design tool learning curve Reduced software and hardware costs
Dependant on harness supplier Vendor independence, build consistency

Cabling and piping design is our core competence.  If it is not yours, take routed systems design off your project's critical path: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now to discuss your specific requirements and to find out about our bespoke, fixed price, contract design solutions.

About Us

Virtual Interconnect are specialists in routed systems.  Our solutions range from starter      symbol libraries for electrical engineers to complex 3D wire harness design expertise for multinational corporations. 

Since we were established in 2004 to exploit the transition from 2D to 3D engineering design, Virtual Interconnect have developed into world leading experts in 3D routed systems.  We combine advanced computerised processes with traditional engineering skills to develop whole product 3D wire harness models.  Our unique product and design knowledge allows us to maximize the potential of 3D whole product modelling and optimize our clients' wire harness or piping designs.  Our specialist experience has also helped us develop a number of useful software products for designers and engineers.

We work closely with PTC®, the product lifecycle experts, and have been a PTC Silver PartnerAdvantage member for many years. 

To ensure that the new products we develop are at the cutting edge, we collaborate with a number of leading universities in Scotland.  Over the years we have partnered with the University of Strathclyde, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University and Heriot-Watt University.

From our headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland, we work with companies throughout the world: our expertise has been utilized by many blue chip companies.  Our aim is to significantly reduce our clients' risks and improve their product time to market.  We can do this for you in three ways:

  • Project - contract your cabling or piping design work to us
  • Process - we can improve the way you design your routed systems
  • Products - to help you get the most out of PTC's Creo® Schematics.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your specific needs or take a look round our website to find out more.