Whether you need complete re-engineering of your Wire Harness Design Process                      or some product focused training, Virtual Interconnect has the expertise and experience to       take your process to the next level.

Wire Harness Design Process

At Virtual Interconnect, we understand the Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP).  We understand why it is difficult to resolve, yet critical to a company’s product development process.  Perhaps wire harness design is the critical bottleneck in your product's development.  Maybe you need to improve your WHDP in terms of cycle time and data accuracy.  Or wire harness design may not be considered your core skill.  Whether you face these issues or others, whether you need complete re-engineering of your Wire Harness Design Process or a product focused training course, we have the expertise and experience to take your process to the next level.

Our Expertise

Having spent over 15 years honing our own Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP) and having worked closely with many blue-chip corporations to improve their WHDP, we can help and support your business through every step of this change management experience; from defining your process imperatives to acquiring the skills to get the most out of your new tool set. By drawing on our years of experience and by using carefully developed business process re-engineering methodologies, the complete WHDP - including schematic generation, 3D cable routing and flat harness to drawing generation - can be addressed and improved.

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