EN 60617:1996 Symbol Library

Start designing straight away with an industry-standard 2D symbol library for Creo®             Schematics or Routed Systems Designer

EN 60617_Pictorial_Inventory_WebsiteSchematic Symbol Library

Virtual Interconnect's EN 60617:1996 Symbol Library is an industry-standard 2D schematic symbol library specially designed to get you started on Creo Schematics straight away.  The library includes graphical symbols drawn to European, British and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for electrical diagrams.  Simply download the library from our webshop and get started.  The library is also compatible with Routed Systems Designer.


  • Fully validated with Creo Schematics
  • Fully validated with Routed Systems Designer
  • Electrical symbols modelled to industry-approved standards:
    • European
    • British
    • IEC
    • RSD global properties file
  • Available in mm or inches


A library of suitable symbols can take an engineer many months to generate: months ensuring design compliance, months modelling symbols and not harnesses, months spent on non value-added repetitive tasks.  Our EN 60617 Symbol Library will save you time and money, free up resources, ensure your implementation goes smoothly and guarantees your symbols will meet industry-approved standards.

A Library for Your Needs

The EN 60617:1996 Symbol Library is specifically designed to include all the symbols you may need for designing electrical and electronic applications.  It is available in metric or US customary measurements.  As well as the component symbols, the library includes suitable fibers and four drawing templates.  The table below gives more details:


Description EN 60617 Symbols Fibers  Groups Templates
EN 60617:1996 European, British and International Electrotechnical Commission standard graphic symbols for electrical diagrams 810 2 5 4

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